How to Change Glue Blucket?

How to Change Glue Blucket?

How to change blue bucket?

1. Take out the glue bucket

Step 1: Heating PUR glue around your glue melting point(usually 180°C  need 20 minutes).

Step2 and step3 operating at the same time.

Step2: add gas and lifting glue bucket (Jogging, add gas slowly, don't add gas too much in short time).


Step3: after the tank leave the floor, stop lifting tank,take out the tank.

2. Change glue bucket

Step1: prepare glue,open it,using tin foil packing the barrel,better to stick tapes around the outside,applying high temperature lubricating oil to the ineer wall.(high temperature resistance more than 250°C)



Step2: open the white screw,out the gas,when the glue liquid out from the bleow hole,close the white screw.finish changing glue tank.



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