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  • Panel Loading Automatic Feeding Machine
    Panel Loading Automatic Feeding Machine
    Automatic unloading device
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  • Veneer Profile Wrapping Machine
    Veneer Profile Wrapping Machine
    veneer profile wrapping machine HY-FE-300\350\450 This series of equipment are professional profile wrapping machines, which can wrapping veneers and varnished paper in the surfaces of MDF or Particle board, door and window casing boards, decorative...
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  • Profile Wrapping System
    Profile Wrapping System
    profile wrapping system HY-FE-300\350\450 This machine is the use of hot-melt glue, suitable for decorative strips, aluminum surface PVC coating, the use of a scraper coating uniform, fast. Can cover a variety of angles, arcs, bumps, pressure slots,...
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  • Door Compact Lamination Machine
    Door Compact Lamination Machine
    door compact lamination machine HY-T-1350B This product line is dedicated to MDF, paper laminating on chipboard, using water-based adhesive, UF glue, hydraulic, oil heated rollers for laminating to produce a smoother surface. The production line includes...
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  • Flooring Lamination Machine
    Flooring Lamination Machine
    flooring lamination machine HY-PUR-1400A This machinery line which is for doing the lamination of different kind material on flat panel, which it use PUR Hot melt glue. Production line including brushing, heating oven, glue coating, hot melt applicator,...
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  • Furniture Panel Lamination Machine
    Furniture Panel Lamination Machine
    furniture panel lamination machine HY-T-1350A This product line special for dong the paper lamination on MDF, particle board, Using Water base glue , UF glue, Hydraulic pressing, oil heating roller make a more smooth surface for the lamination. Production...
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  • High Glossy Panel Lamination Machine
    High Glossy Panel Lamination Machine
    high glossy panel lamination machine HY-PUR-1400B This is a production line for laminating different kinds of materials on a flat plate using a PUR hot melt adhesive. The production line includes brush coating, heating oven, glue coating, hot melt coating...
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  • MGO Board Lamination Machine
    MGO Board Lamination Machine
    mgo board lamination machine HY-PUR-1400A This lamination line is a special part of the adhesive coating on the plane of the plate. The measuring roller and the gluing roller are controlled by a separate motor to facilitate precise control of the amount of...
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  • Plastic Board Lamination Machine
    Plastic Board Lamination Machine
    This series of laminating lines is a press machine for paper, PVC laminates on MDF, chipboard. Laminate production line has clean, adhesive and adhesive parts, and the finished product is suitable for furniture and decoration market. plastic board...
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  • Machine For Wood Panel Laminating
    Machine For Wood Panel Laminating
    Automatic Honeycomb Pressing Line Model :HY-H-1400B Advantages : 1) More than 10 years production experiences; 2) Provide overseas service; 3) Acquired ISO9001 & CE certificates; 4) Good experiences in world market,products are exported more than 20...
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  • Honeycomb Plate Lamination Line
    Honeycomb Plate Lamination Line
    honeycomb plate lamination line HY-PUR-1400H This machinery line is mainly used in honeycomb panel pressing, door, sandwich panel pressing. The PUR hot melt glue Using make a high efficiency press processing. The Production line including the brushing,...
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  • ODM Profile Wrapping Machine
    ODM Profile Wrapping Machine
    odm profile wrapping machine HY-FE-300\350\450 This wrapping machine use PUR glue system which is specialized in different kinds of material adhesive. It can design the wrapping veneer, PVC, Paper, PET etc for different kinds of materials profile like...
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