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Oct 23 Customers From Different Countries Come Together Because Of Trust

- Oct 23, 2018 -

【Oct 23,Customers from different countries come together because of trust】

   Whether or not there is harmony between countries,people who do business are always peace-loving,our clients from two different countries,they sat together and talked happily.


Picture1:Two on the left are Egyptian customers,two on the right are Saudi customers---taken on Oct 23,2018

   Egyptian customers have bought our FC-400 cold/hot glue profile wrapping machine,they inspected the machine and satisfied with it ,introduced our automatic cold glue paper laminating line to our Saudi customers with their enthusiasm,we added each other's Wechat and talked happily.


Picture2: Our Egyptian customers ---taken on Oct 23,2018

    Our goal is to satisfy all our customers,the smile on our customer's face is our biggest comfort,we will continue to provide the best quality and service----END