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Composite Machine Equipment Features

- May 10, 2018 -

1. Two-layer materials can be glued at the same time to make the composite fastness better. It can also be used for one-time sizing and lamination of three-layer thin materials to increase production efficiency and reduce production costs.

2. The double rubber tank mesh belt is compounded and pressed with a high-temperature resistant mesh belt to make the composite material fully contact with the drying cylinder to improve the drying effect and make the processed material soft, washable and fast.

3, the machine net belt has automatic infrared bias device, can effectively prevent the net belt deviation, extend the life of the net belt.

4. The heating system of the machine is divided into two groups. The user can select the heating mode (group or group 2) according to the need, which can effectively save energy and reduce the production cost.

5, according to the need to match the DC motor or inverter linkage, so that the machine has a better handling. Spray type

Uses: This machine is suitable for compounding textiles, non-textiles and other fabrics. Features: The glue is used to transfer the glue evenly onto the lining and then compounded with the surface fabric.