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World Vacuum Packaging Machine Development Status

- May 10, 2018 -

As far as the packaging of foods is concerned, the most commonly used and basic packaging methods today are of two major types, namely filling and wrapping. Filling method is suitable for almost all materials and various types of packaging containers. Specifically speaking, liquids, powders, and granular bodies that have good fluidity mainly rely on their own gravity, and they must be supplemented with certain mechanical functions to complete the packaging process. For semi-fluid or larger single pieces and assemblies with strong viscosity, corresponding mandatory measures such as extrusion, push-in, pick and place are required. As far as the wrapping method is concerned, it is different from this. It is mainly applicable to single-pieces or assemblies that are regular in appearance, rigid enough to be stiff, and require tight packing, and more flexible plastics and their composite materials (some additional Lightweight pallets, liners), wrapped by mechanical action.