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What should we pay attention to when using the multi-function profile wrapping machine?

- Jan 24, 2019 -

1, the machine does not start: the input wire is not connected, the power line is reversed, the voltage is not enough, the vacuum coating machine; the temperature measurement is not accurate: thermocouple, temperature controller. Is it incorrectly installed and damaged? 

2. The working vacuum does not come up: the gas path is not connected, the hand valve or the solenoid valve is not closed, the vacuum pump motor belt is loose, and the vacuum gauge is damaged. 

3, the main power switch trip: heating box top input wire leakage, distribution box leakage, external wires on the equipment, motor leakage and so on. 

4. The film is not in place: the vacuum is not enough, the air leaks, the temperature is not enough, the film is too thin, the workpiece is pasted by other materials, the concave depth of the workpiece exceeds the film pull-up, the suction time is too short, the film is not pulled up, the workpiece distance Too close. 

5. The surface of the workpiece is folded and not smooth or the corners are not covered: the film is not straightened, the film quality is not good, the workpiece is not well polished, the glue is sprayed too much, and the mold under the workpiece is too low. 

6, Wrinkling phenomenon: the temperature is too high, the heating time is too long, the film quality is not good, no heating.