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What should we pay attention to when using the profile wrapping machine

- Dec 24, 2018 -


    The profile wrapping machine is a kind of machine that has been widely used in the field instead of the traditional paint process, but like every machine, it will have its service life. Some people do not pay attention to maintenance. And maintenance can be quickly broken and can't run, and a good maintenance habit will bring you unexpected structure, which may greatly extend the life of the coating machine. Therefore, the maintenance and maintenance of the coating machine is very important. So what kind of maintenance and maintenance do we usually have to do with it?

    1. The place where the profile wrapping machine should keep the phase clean to avoid some dust falling into the glue coating system, which directly leads to the decline of the glue quality.

    2. In the maintenance machine, the lubricating oil in the reducer should be replaced with a new lubricant after the first use for one month. After that, it should be replaced every six months. At the stage of heavy workload, every time It will be replaced once every three months. When the temperature is hot in summer, the viscosity of the reducer should be replaced. When the temperature is low in winter, the reducer oil with less viscosity should be replaced. Add butter to the chain once a month.

    3. After the work is completed, the total power must be turned off.

    4. When the coating machine is repaired or the parts are adjusted, it should be handled by relevant professionals.

    We must pay attention to the process of use, the operator must follow the following operating procedures to operate the cladding machine correctly. In order to avoid damage to the coating machine, resulting in failure and not working properly.

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