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What should we paid attention to when install panel laminating machine?

- Dec 30, 2018 -

(1) Installation of PUR  Panel Laminating Machine


 After the user receives the machine, after opening the package, it should be carefully checked whether the whole machine is intact, whether the random files and random tools are complete. Arrange the placement according to the weight of the machine, if it is light, place it directly on the concrete floor. After placing the machine smoothly, you should use the spirit level to adjust the level of the machine to the best position to lay the foundation for future production.


(2) Electrical control operation

      The machine electrical control cabinet operation panel, when the power is turned on, first turn on the main power switch and control power switch in the electric cabinet. After turning the motor switch, after the main inverter is powered on, press the start button, the main motor can enter the speed control state. At this time, the machine speed can be adjusted to achieve a satisfactory state by adjusting the button on the inverter control panel. Next, turn on the fan button to control the smooth running of the liner before it reaches the front gauge. When all other preparations for the machine are in place, turn the “Pump Pump” button to the “Auto” position. Open the “press machine” knob and then adjust the speed of the press.

(3) Adjustment of PUR panel laminating machine

       Machine adjustment work is also very important, it can make our equipment reach a good state before running, laying a good foundation for smooth production. First, the paper and the bottom paper should be respectively attached to the paper holder, and the width of the paper and the bottom paper should be adjusted to require the paper to be centered. When loading paper, pay attention to the grain of the paper perpendicular to the drum. Next, the thickness of the glue should be adjusted. The amount of glue applied has a great influence on the crepe paper. Generally, it depends on the amount of water absorbed by the paper. Paper with a large amount of water absorption requires more glue, and vice versa. If there is too much glue, it is easy to stick the paper with glue. If the glue is too small, the adhesion is not strong. In addition, the position of the bottom paper and the paper is adjusted. The bottom paper should be based on the bite and pull gauge of the paper, and the position should not be exceeded.


     After the installation is finished, you can test it with 20-30 pieces of waste paper first, check whether the bond is firm, whether the paper is in place, whether the paper is in place, whether there is glue mark on the paper. Once the quality is stable, production can be officially arranged.