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What should be paid attention to when using a pur glue laminating machien in winter

- Jan 02, 2019 -

Recently, the temperature in the whole country has continued to drop. when using PUR hot melt adhesives please note that :

1. Please open your insulation room. If not, please build an insulation room immediately. Insulation room conditions: ambient temperature is not lower than 20 ° C, relative humidity > 40% 

2. The glue temperature is increased by 5-10 °C on a summer basis.

3. Profile wrapping machine: aluminum surface temperature > 40 ° C; wood surface temperature > 35 ° C.

4. Panel laminating machine: substrate surface temperature > 25 ° C; before the glue layer temperature on the board surface > 30 ° C.

5. the products must be placed in the insulation workshop (above 20 °C) for 24 hours before delivery.

6. If the temperature of your insulation room is low, you can increase the glue amount by 5-10 grams per square meter (the overall temperature of the melter is increased by 5-10°).