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What is the scope of the PUR panel laminating machine and what can be brought to the user?

- Jan 02, 2019 -

PUR flat machine application range:

It is suitable for covering decorative sheets or PVC films of acrylic, fireproof board, PVC board, metal sheet, etc. on the surface of MDF, particleboard, PVC foam board, glass magnesium board, wood plastic board, multi-layer board, honeycomb board, etc. Decorative film such as PET film and veneer.

Widely used in furniture, cabinets, door industry, new building materials and other fields.

The benefits of using PUR laminating machine for users:

1) Improve the efficiency, the glue is bonded immediately after pressing on the line, no need to press the press.

2) High bond strength, higher than current oily and water-based glues.

3) High temperature resistance up to 120 ° C.

4) Water and solvent resistant to paint.

5) Environmentally friendly and in line with international standards.