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What are the characteristics of the wrapping machine?

- Jul 03, 2018 -

The wrapping machine is a machine for covering various lines such as wood, aluminum-plastic profiles and foam materials. Because of its advanced nature, it replaces the traditional paint process. At present, we use the process products of the cladding machine in many fields. It includes surface mounts such as gussets, curtain rods, window sills, and photo frames.

It is not difficult for the working principle of the wrapping machine, and it is also designed to imitate the movement of the person's hand veneer. It mainly uses a lot of forming pressure rollers. Of course, when the machine is not working properly, it can be adjusted according to different materials to human beings. It needs to be parameterized before work. The biggest advantage of machine work is that it is suitable for high-volume production work.

In the industry, it can be roughly divided into a cold glue wrapping machine, a hot glue wrapping machine and a hot and cold combined type wrapping machine. The cold glue wrapping machine uses liquid glue, the solid glue used in the hot glue wrapping machine, and the hot and cold combined type wrapping machine can meet different needs.