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What are the characteristics of the multi-function profile wrapping machine?

- Jan 24, 2019 -

1, Substrate: wood lines, MDF, wood plastic, plastic steel, PVC, aluminum profiles and other lines. Substrate requirements: For regular line profiles, there may be grooves and curved surfaces, but each point must be straight in the longitudinal direction and have a certain pressure resistance. The length is generally 40 cm or more to infinity.

2, Film materials: PVC decorative film, decorative paper, solid wood leather, Boeing board, composite aluminum film. The width is determined by the substrate requirements and the selected model, typically less than 50 cm.

3. Profile wrapping machine is suitable for the production of PVC, decorative paint paper and solid wood skin on the surface of various lines such as wood, aluminum-plastic profiles and foam materials. The paint process is used for surface coating production of door sleeves, skirting boards, gussets, curtain rods, window sills, aluminum alloy doors and windows, photo frames, etc.