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Structure of PUR Laminating Machine

- Jan 16, 2019 -

The structure of the PUR flattening machine is mainly composed of the following five parts:

   (1) Compressed pneumatic system

        When the laminating machine feed table just rises to the highest position, the control cam of the dispensing valve should cause the vacuum compression dispensing valve to open the vacuum channel. When the paper feed table is about to descend and return, the vacuum passage in the distribution valve should be closed and the compressed air passage should be opened.

   (2) Vacuum suction cup

        Depending on the size of the crepe paper used, the diverter valve can be adjusted to use 18 or 12 or 6 nozzles simultaneously. In particular, when the size of the crepe paper is determined, it is necessary to determine which nozzles to use according to the size of the crepe paper, and the nozzles that cannot be covered by the crepe paper, the gas path must be cut off, otherwise the remaining nozzles cannot work normally.

   (3) Workbench

        Adjust the paper feed table so that the highest position it rises matches the plane of the guide rail that supports the pickup. This position is achieved by fitting the rollers on the pendulum to the cam during the maximum lift of the applicator lift cam. If it does not fit, adjust the eccentric shaft on the pendulum until it fits. The lower limit position of the paper feed table is adjusted by the limit mechanism on the side of the frame 2. When the roller on the swinging rod is attached to the minimum radius of the lifting cam, the limiting mechanism top wire is supported by the symmetric parallelogram mechanism to support the paper feeding table, and the free movement of the paper feeding clutch device is taken as the standard.

   (4) Synchronous control device

        The device is a set of cam-controlled electrical switching mechanisms that ensure that the paper is synchronized with the paper. During the operation of the laminating machine, adjust the phase relationship of the cams to fix the cam when the paper is synchronized with the crepe paper.

  (5) Feed roller

        When the paper feed table is about to rise to the zoi high position, adjust the cam on both sides of the power shaft to control the lifting of the active paper feed roller to make it enter the maximum lift. There is a between the active paper feed roller and the fixed paper feed roller. The gap through which the crepe paper passes, as the movable roller feeds the crepe paper, the two cams approach the zui small radius as the table is about to return. At this time, the movable paper feed roller and its swing frame are pressed against the fixed paper feed roller under the action of the spring, and the paper is pressed and held for a certain period of time, and then the paper is sent out and transported to the double-layer transport frame. If the time of the spreader's active paper feed roller is open and closed during daily work, the phase of the cam should be adjusted to meet the requirements.