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Simple Introduction of Profile Wrapping Machine

- Jan 11, 2019 -


Base Materials: wood, MDF, wood plastic, plastic steel, PVC, aluminum profiles and other lines. Substrate requirements: For regular line profiles, there may be grooves and curved surfaces, but each point must be straight in the longitudinal direction and have a certain pressure resistance. The length is generally 40 cm or more to infinity.

Film materials: PVC decorative film, decorative paper, solid wood leather, Boeing board, composite aluminum film. The width is determined by the substrate requirements and the selected model, typically less than 50 cm.

For example, HY-FE-300 universal coating machine has a wide width of 30 cm. Generally used in rolls. At present, there are also extra-wide profiles of about 100 cm on the market. The solid wood skin may be in the form of a roll or a single sheet. The solid wood skin is generally provided with a non-woven fabric on the bottom surface, and the surface material without the non-woven fabric is not allowed to pass through the glue, and is easily broken at the corner.

Type of Profile Wrapping Machine:

Universal wrapping machines are generally divided into two types of cold glue and hot glue.

1. The cold glue coating machine uses liquid glue. Liquid glue can be divided into solvent glue and water-based glue, coating method


There are two types of blade coating and roller coating. The volatile solvent glue is scraped,

The glue box is easy to seal and prevent the coating glue from volatilizing. Water-based glue and low-volume solvent glue generally make

It is easy to handle with a roller.

2, hot glue coating machine, using solid glue, in the coating machine hot glue box


After the internal heating is dissolved, the heating temperature of the coated rubber is generally about 220 °C. Suitable for covering solid wood and decorative paint paper.

3, combined type coating machine, to meet different students

Production needs, universal coating machine has cold glue hot glue combination type, cold glue coating roller combination type, mesh cloth special type.

Temperature parameter

Depending on the ambient temperature and coating speed, the main heating setting is between 40-80 °C and the ambient temperature is not lower than 16 °C. Auxiliary heaters and heat guns can be used for auxiliary heating before rolling to achieve the desired coating effect.


1. The working environment should be kept clean to prevent dust from falling into the rubber coating system and affecting the quality of the coating.

2. After the first use of the lubricating oil in the reducer, the new lubricating oil should be replaced, and then replaced every six months. When the workload is large, replace it once every three months. When the temperature is high in summer, the viscosity of the reducer should be replaced. When the temperature is low in winter, the gear oil with low viscosity should be replaced. Transmission system: sprocket drive, the chain part is added with butter once a month. In the case of a gear transmission system, the turbine seat should be greased once every two weeks. If the turbine seat is oil-free, the butter should be added twice a week.

3. After the work is completed, the total power must be turned off.

4. When repairing or adjusting parts, they should be handled by relevant professionals.

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