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PVC Foamed Board

- Dec 27, 2018 -

PVC foamed board, also known as Chevron board and Andy board, is chemically composed of polyvinyl chloride, so it is also called foamed polyvinyl chloride sheet. Widely used in passenger cars, train car roofs, cabinet core layers, interior decoration panels, building exterior wall panels, interior decorative panels, offices, residential, public space building compartments, commercial decorative frames, clean room panels , ceiling panels, screen printing, computer lettering, advertising signs, display panels, sign board and other industry and chemical anti-corrosion projects, thermoformed parts, cold storage panels, special cold preservation projects, environmentally friendly sheet molds, sports equipment, aquaculture materials Waterproof equipment, water-resistant materials, art materials and various light partitions instead of glass ceilings.

foamed board

Product Introduction

1. Waterproof, flame retardant, acid and alkali resistant, anti-mite, light weight, heat preservation, sound insulation and shock absorption.

2. It is processed in the same way as wood, and its processing performance is far superior to wood.

3. It is an ideal substitute for wood, aluminum and composite sheets.

4. The surface of the crust board is very smooth, high hardness, not easy to have scratches, and is often used to make cabinets, furniture.

Market Expectation

At present, the PVC industry is developing rapidly in the world and has broad prospects. All countries are optimistic about the potential of PVC and its benefits to the ecological environment. PVC is demonstrating its role and status to the world with its superior and unique performance. It needs it for social development, and environmental protection requires it. It is an inevitable trend of the progress of civilization in our human society.

Just as the world's PVC industry is booming, unfortunately, our domestic PVC furniture materials (including cabinets) account for less than 10% of the market share. Many consumers have not even heard of PVC as a furniture material, let alone know. What is PVC? Why is the German PVC film as a high-grade, non-toxic and non-polluting (excluding heavy metal materials) environmentally friendly materials in the domestic market share is still so small? Here, of course, there are consumption levels, but more importantly with our consumers It is related to the lack of proper understanding of PVC materials. It limits the production of PVC film furniture and thus does not scale. It is believed that through the joint efforts of our peers and the maturity of the market, the PVC industry will definitely reach a new level in the field of furniture.

PVC foam board: It has anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, mildew-proof, non-absorbent, drillable, sawable, planable, easy thermoforming, hot bending processing, etc., so it is widely used in furniture, cabinets, bath cabinets, display rack boards. , cabinet core layer, indoor and outdoor decoration, building materials, chemical and other fields, advertising signs, printing, silk screen, inkjet, computer lettering, electronic instrument product packaging and other industries

PVC hard plastic board: It has excellent corrosion resistance, insulation and certain mechanical strength; after secondary processing, it can be made into sulfuric acid (hydrochloric acid) tank (barrel box); medical empty needle holder, chemical processing frame; Public toilet water tank; template, decorative board, exhaust duct, equipment lining and other special-shaped products and containers for processed products. Ideal for chemical, building materials, decorative and other industries

Plexiglass: It has the characteristics of good weather resistance, impact resistance, high light transmittance, easy installation and strong plasticity. Widely used in construction, decoration, advertising and other industries.

Our PUR laminating machine could laminate any material on foamed panel,such as PVC,acrylic,paper,PET.