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Packaging machine troubleshooting

- May 10, 2018 -

The electromagnet does not pull in. The cause of this fault is mostly the internal fault of the host, the blow of the solenoid coil, and the interruption of the line. The solution is: first check whether the host has a problem inside or outside; Electromagnet fuses, check whether the electromagnet has the signs of power, eliminate the mechanical resistance, and detect the internal power supply under normal circumstances. The reasons often encountered in the weighing and packing machine are caused by: the sensor is damaged. For the bridge voltage fault, the line connection method or interruption is wrong. The method of elimination is: detecting the load signal of the sensor and the connection or the host, and detecting the supply bridge and the amplifying circuit or the computer output display circuit. Sometimes, the system stability may also occur. Poor bag volume instability to solve this problem can test the line is faulty, or remove the host, through the internal short circuit to apply a clear signal to determine whether the fault is located in the machine or from the switch, and then solve the problem