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Laminating Precision of PUR Panel Laminating Machine

- Dec 28, 2018 -

    Laminating Precision refers to the maximum range of the relative distance between the edge paper and the edge of the backing paper after the backing paper and the paper are bonded together. The fitting accuracy should generally be ±1mm.

    There are generally two factors that affect the accuracy of the fit. The first is mechanical failure, and the second is human factors.

    Due to the different models sold in the market, the requirements are different. Guangzhou Hessan Woodworking Machinery Co., Ltd. PUR panel laminating machine, its front gauge is inclined surface type gauge, because the lowest origin position of the gauge is the paper position, so that the bottom paper can not be advanced, so the requirements of the operator That is, it is accurately sent to the original position, and the bottom paper is also sent by the point wheel when the paper feed is pressed to the point wheel, and is sent to the front end of the point wheel nip by the round belt conveying part, in order to increase the paper roll and the round belt. Friction. An adjustable speed bellows is added under the round belt to improve the lag time of the bottom paper. The bottom paper is stable and accurate in place during the conveying process. Due to the different speeds of operation, the wind requirements for the bellows are also different. The suction assembly causes the bottom paper to be sent to the front gear away from the rear of the gauge. Because of its elasticity, the bottom paper moves away from the front stop and moves backwards. The small suction force makes the backing paper lag too much, causing the paper to advance beyond the bottom paper; in addition, the bottom paper can not overcome the warpage of the bottom paper combined with the paper and the working speed of the machine. Adjust the wind so that the bottom paper is just sent to the front gauge so that the accuracy is within the required range.