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Foreground of HPL in Panel Laminating Industry

- Dec 25, 2018 -

    Fire board foreground

    As China and the rest of the world pay more and more attention to building fire prevention, wood-based flammable organic sheets have been strictly restricted to construction projects, while inorganic gypsum boards such as gypsum board and calcium silicate board are used for strength, toughness and water resistance. , secondary processing performance can not meet the construction and application of construction

    Requirements, resulting in a certain degree of resistance to promotion.

    The fireproof board has the double advantages of the organic board and the inorganic board. It is a large-format sheet made of modified magnesite material as a binder and a medium alkali or alkali-resistant glass fiber cloth as a reinforcing material, mainly used for building cranes. Decoration of items, internal partitions and other parts with fire protection requirements. The sheet has both the lightness and flexibility of the wood-based organic board and the reworkability, as well as the fire resistance and water resistance of the inorganic sheet. Many large projects in China have used glass-magnesium fireproof panels in their renovation. After several years of application and practice, the use effect is good, and the amount of such plate exports is quite large.

    Because the fireproof board is a new product, some construction and production personnel have not yet mastered the production technology and construction technology, and some enterprises are driven by economic interests, the production is shoddy, and the construction is sloppy. The user is indifferent to this kind of product, resulting in many accidents in the construction project, affecting the development of fireproof panels.

    As long as the quality of fireproof panels is controlled, this product has a wide range of uses, good performance and great development potential. Some products of fire-resistant sheet metal factories in the south are exported to foreign countries. According to customs statistics, in recent years, the export of fire-retardant sheets has been exported for 1 billion yuan, and the consumption in China is also increasing year by year. This shows that the development prospects of this product are very optimistic.

   People use HPL in furniture and decorating wall,laminating PVC on MDF/HPL etc.