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Eight-point maintenance tips for panel laminating machine

- Jan 03, 2019 -

(1) It is necessary to check whether the air pump of the laminating machine is to be filled with oil every month. Once the oil is cut off, it is easy to cause the air pump to be stuck.

(2) Before turning on the paper-feeding machine, first check the parallelism of the rubber roller, and it is impossible to get stuck. The rubber roller requires high precision. In case of jamming, the roll surface will be pulled, resulting in uneven gluing. At the same time, it is recommended to use the roll before the boot, and then glue;

(3) If there is abnormal noise in the production process, turn off the shutdown device at any time and check the cause of the noise, and notify the manufacturer and repair it in time;

(4) Adding butter to both ends of the rubberizing roller every week, because the glue used in the laminating machine has strong alkalinity and has certain corrosiveness to the bearings at both ends, so it is required to add butter every week, and the bearings at both ends of the other rollers can be Add butter once a year or once every three months;

(5) After the use of the panel laminating machine, the glue pan must be strictly cleaned, and the glue pipe should be thoroughly cleaned. When cleaning the pipe, the glue pump is cleaned, so as to extend the service life of the pump;

(6) Rubber roller should pay attention to maintenance. Strictly single-faced corrugated cardboard will be inserted into the equipment. Long-term double bending will cause damage to the rubber roller. The severely bent rubber roller should be replaced. If it is not serious, the rubber roller should be re-adjusted to the grinding machine to correct the outer circle;

(7) Keep the needle position adjuster well, prevent dust, keep it clean, and clean it every 3 months. And add clean lubricants;

(8) It is necessary to ensure the processing precision and installation and assembly precision of the drive gear of the panel laminating machine to ensure the smooth transmission of the gear to reduce vibration.