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Cladding machine classification and maintenance

- Jun 25, 2018 -

The coating machine is divided into a Cold Glue Profile Wrapping Machine and a Hot Glue Profile Wrapping Machine. The difference between the cold glue and the hot glue coating machine is as follows:

Hot glue means that the back of the wall cloth is self-adhesive, and no glue is needed during construction. Use a steam iron to stick it directly on the wall.

Cold glue refers to the use of environmentally-friendly vegetable gums (potato-starch gum, glutinous rice starch gum) that are first glued on a wall and then directly laid.

Hot glue construction requires hanging cloth, hot and trimming. No glue, easy to carry (but with steam iron and other processing tools), but the wall is not easy to use the internal corner; high temperature or high indoor temperature will affect the service life; glue components are environmentally friendly, the impact of fabric permeability, are Uncertain factors, high temperature easy to melt, play drum, fall off;

Cold glue construction requires gluing, draping, scraping, and trimming. Mature technology, easy to use, plant plastic (potato-starch, glutinous rice starch) environmental protection, wall foam back coating technology, glue does not affect the permeability, long service life.