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Adjustment of PUR Laminating Machine and Use Range of PUR Glue

- Dec 28, 2018 -

    Adjustment of PUR Laminating Machine:


    The adjustment of the PUR laminating machine is very important. It enables our equipment to reach an optimum state before operation and lay a good foundation for production. First, the film and the panel should be respectively attached to the paper holder, and the width of the film and panel should be adjusted to require the paper to be centered. When loading paper, pay attention to the grain of the paper perpendicular to the drum. Next, you need to adjust the thickness of the glue. If your panel have a large amount of water, you need more glue, and vice versa. In addition, the position of the panel and the film is adjusted. The panel should be based on the bite and pull gauge of the film, and the position should not be exceeded.

    Use Range of PUR Glue

    PUR glue can be used in a wide range of applications, such as aluminum foil on various boards, floor composite, cabinet board, honeycomb furniture (door), aluminum composite panel, fire board, melamine board, etc. It is suitable for covering various surface materials with different materials. Surface material. The hot roll coating reactive hot melt (PUR) automatically aligns the surface material with the substrate on the surface of the sheet, and hydraulically returns to the pressure to instantly achieve the bonding effect. The glue has the characteristics of high adhesion, cold resistance, high temperature resistance, waterproof and environmental protection.