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10 Safety Operation Instructions of PUR Panel Laminating Machine

- Dec 28, 2018 -

(1) When glue, lubricating oil or water is spilled on the machine or the ground, it should be wiped clean immediately;

(2) Turn on the test for a few minutes, check whether there are any abnormalities in the moving parts of the machine, check each emergency stop, and whether the control button is sensitive and effective, and then operate after confirming the startup information;

(3) When operating, adjusting, maintaining, and overhauling the machine, be sure to follow the instructions in the instruction manual;

(4) Clean the roller, wipe it clean, and pay attention to the running speed of the machine at low speed;

(5) When replacing electrical components such as indicator lights and fuses, the power must be turned off. When the power is replaced while the power is on, it may burn other electrical components;

(6) It is forbidden to wear gloves during operation, please do not put things in the pockets of work clothes;

(7) Wiping the surface of the machine with dust, oil, water, and cleaning the surrounding debris and tidying the tools;

(8) When the machine is rotating, do not touch the object by hand;

(9) During the operation of the machine, check the motor, reducer, blower and control the operation of the electric box regularly. If abnormal phenomena such as noise and leakage are found, immediately stop the maintenance and repair, and wait until the fault is removed before starting work;

(10) Always cut off the main power of the machine before adjusting, cleaning, maintaining and repairing the machine. Do not mark the operation on the power supply unit and lock it.

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