Panel Wrapping Machine For Wall Panel Machine

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Panel Wrapping Machine For Wall Panel Machine
  • Hessan
  • Guangzhou,China
  • 4-6 Weeks
  • 200 PCS/month

Panel wrapping machine for aluminum foil using pur glue,suitable for maximum width 1300mm panel

Panel wrapping machine

Wall Panel Machine

1. Conveyor:

Conveying roller: φ56×1410

Conveyor roller obliquely mounted, backed by the mountain

Power: 0.75KW

2. Double-sided dust cleaner:

With medium pressure fan: 3 × 0.25KW

Transmission power: 1.5KW

Hair sweep power: 1.1KW

Hair sweeping roller: φ190×1350, anti-static sisal

Rubber roller: φ120×1350, nitrile rubber

Bilateral synchronous manual adjustment plate thickness

3. Conveying table + heating  tunnel:

Conveying roller: φ88×1190, chrome plated

Conveyor roller obliquely mounted, backed by the mountain

Powered by a dust collector

Infrared lamp heating, power: 18KW

4.1PUR coating machine:

Transmission power: 1.5KW+0.75KW

Heating power: 2 × 7.5KW (heat transfer oil heating)

Coating rubber roller: φ240×1400, silicone

Control rubber roller: φ216×1400, chrome plated

Pneumatic film, rubber roller: φ150×1250, silicone

Electric adjustment plate thickness, bilateral synchronous manual adjustment

4.2 Double roll laminating machine:

Transmission power: 2X1.5KW

Electric adjustment plate thickness, lifting power: 0.37KW

Laminating rubber roller: φ240×1400, natural rubber

Laminated steel roller: φ240×1400, chrome plated

The film axis is the inflation axis

Magnetic powder brake: 100N.M

5. Edge section:

Transmission power: 1.5KW

Manually widened and narrowed, board width 800-1220mm

6. Conveyor:

Conveying roller: φ56×1410mm

Power: 0.75KW

7. Electrical control cabinet

Total line parameters:

Production speed: 5-17m/min

Transmission power: 13.85 KW

Electric heating power: 51 KW

Machine size:

13.5m (length) × 2.4m (width) × 3.3m (height)

Processing size range:

Substrate specifications: 2440*1220

Substrate thickness: 2.5-40mm

The most important substrate: 100KG

The widest circle: 1300mm

Wall Panel Machine

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