HENKEL and Hessan will be strong strategic partners


HENKEL and Hessan will be strong strategic partners


上海202071 /美通社/ -- 汉高宣布任命荣杰博士(Dr. Rajat Agarwal)为大中华区总裁,全面负责汉高在大中华区的业务运营,自202071日起生效。此外,荣杰博士还将延续他自2019年起所担任的职务,继续负责汉高粘合剂技术全球家居与运动时尚业务。

Shanghai on July 1, 2020, henkel announced the appointment of Dr Rongjat (Dr. Rajat Agarwal) as President of greater China, fully responsible for the business operations of Henkel in China , this news will take effect from 1 July 2020. Moreover, Dr Rongjat will continue his role since 2019, continued to responsible for tall adhesive technology with global household sports fashion business.




About henkel

Henkel globally balanced and diversified business portfolio. By a strong brand, excellent innovation and advanced technology, the company in the field of industrial and consumer's three big established the leading position in the business sector. Tall adhesive technology department is a worldwide leader in the bond market, service in all walks of life around the global  Detergents and household care and cosmetics/beauty products were the two big business market and many leading brands in the field of application. Company was founded in Germany in 1876, has been 140 years of glorious history. Henkel to achieve sales of more than 20 billion euros in 2019, adjusted operating profit of about 3.2 billion euros. Henkel has about 52000 employees worldwide, the strong culture and under the guidance of our Shared values, they merged into a passion, diversified team, strive to create sustainable value the business goal. As a model for the sustainable development of enterprises, henkel in many international index and the top in the list. Preferred stock has been listed in Germany's DAX index of henkel. More information, please visit www.henkel.cn


汉高与合源的合作始于20203月,汉高提供大量给合源胶水作测试。 经过一段时间的配合和支持,汉高平贴胶水的稳定性给客户解决了很多技术上的问题, 也推进了当前高光平贴的效率和技术。

Henkel and Hessan

Henkel cooperating with Hessan began in March 2020, henkel provide a lot glue of to Hessan for test. After a period of time of cooperation and support, the stability of the Henkel glue solved many technical problems for clients, and promoted the efficiency of the current high glossy laminating and adhesive technology.


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